Business sectors

Research and Development (R&D) Center

The R&D Center of SunElectronics aims to be the heart of innovation and development in electronics and microchip technology. We believe that through continuous research and development, we can contribute to breakthroughs in the industry and society’s development.

Education: The incubation of the Electronics and semiconductor Industry

Sun Edu is a member of the Sun electronics corporation, and it is one of the leading international workforce solutions providers to industries, but we mainly focus on Electronics and Semiconductor fields.

To meet with the international quality standard of workforce, we have focused on the training with high quality, content of the training, softskill and foreign language to best adapt with the labor’s need for each country.

The Electronics and Semiconductor industries have recently been focusing on developing. We have gradually been confirming the quality by offering high-quality training programs in electronics and semiconductors. After the cources, the learner can get good jobs in international companies with promising positions.

We focus on the market’s real needs in this field, combining domestic and international experts and professors to design corresponding training programs. Our students practice with the world’s most advanced tools like Cadence, Synopsys, Ansys, Siemens EDA in a real-world working environment to ensure the most effective preparation for their future roles in electronic and chip corporations.

EMS: Smart Electronic Manufacturing integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

SunEMS, a unit of Sun Electronics, specializes in services related to smart electronic device manufacturing plants with modern technology and an experienced expert team that has held key positions in multinational electronic manufacturing corporations. 

We provide the following services:

  -Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) with full services for leading OEM companies.

  -Basic to advanced electronic circuit board design.

  -Product testing manufacturing services to mass production.


SunSemi,a startup unit of SunElectronics, represents a new step in microchip design. We understand the importance of providing microchip design solutions and services to meet the growing needs of the national and global electronics and semiconductor industries..